15 December, 2013

BRL-CAD in GCI updates

The Google Code-in is a contest to introduce pre-university students (ages 13-17) to the many kinds of contributions that make open source software development possible. This is the second consecutive year when the esteemed open source solid modeling tool, BRL-CAD is accepted to participate in Google Code-In, out of the total of 10 organizations chosen.  

Many of you would be wondering about the participation of BRL-CAD in GCI so far and hence, I came up with this post. The contest runs from November 18, 2013 to January 6, 2014. Its December,15 today, where we are exactly half-way on the journey. This year BRL-CAD has received an over-whelming response from young smart talented kids from all around the world, where they are contributing to small itty-bitty tasks of not more than 72 hours based in various domains related to software development and maintenance like Coding, Documentation and Training, Quality Assurance, User Interface and Outreach and Research. 

After many task claims, reclaims, rejection, improvements, exchange of ideas and views between students and mentors via comments, IRC and mailing list and then acceptance of each task, till date, 87 tasks with minutely observed perfection have been closed successfully. 3 tasks are with status 'Needs Work', which means one of the mentors has sent back those tasks for more work. 4 tasks are on the to-be-reviewed list of mentors, 7 tasks currently claimed and 21 tasks are reopened and 85 tasks open with a total of 207 tasks.
I hope the young brains are enjoying while they work on the kinds of tasks they are comfortable. It is not just about working on tasks, it means much more than that. I bet, being a part of an awesome, cool and one of the most friendly open source organizations and working in collaboration with fantastic perks all across the planet Earth at such a small age will be an astronomical experience for participants. 

A huge thanks to all participants for making it a huge and happening contest. Thanks to all mentors for adding tasks time-to-time to meet the demand and supply curve of fresh new tasks. Special thanks to Sean, the man without whom BRL-CAD's participation in GCI is hard to imagine. All the best kids for rest of the contest. A ticket to Google’s Mountain View, California, USA Headquarters is awaiting for two grand-prize winners. Good Luck ! :) 

02 December, 2013

EOS - 5

#define EOS "End Of Semester"

proc finish( )
    global semester #5;
    close( );
    exit( 0 );

proc courses( )
    puts " IT214 Database Management Systems ";
    puts " IT301 Introduction to Algorithms ";
    puts " IT304 Computer Networks ";
    puts " CT321 Digital Signal Processing ";
    puts " EL203 Embedded Hardware Design ";
    puts " HMxxx System Policy and Analysis ";

proc new_tools( )
    puts " PostgreSql ";
    puts " ns  ( network simulator ) ";
    puts " MATLAB ";
    puts " Arduino ";
    puts " Verilog ";
    puts " Eagle ( PCB Design ) ";
    puts " ATMEL AVR ";

proc activities( )
    puts " Convener, Programming Club at DA-IICT ";
    puts " Completed GSoC project ";
    puts " Mentor GCI (Google Code-In 2013) ";
    puts " PS: Due to exams and last moment preparations, I hardly had time to contribute and encourage the students of GCI. It began on 18th November, and I mentored just 2-3 days in beginning then and then the graph reduced exponentially. Its great that there is still approx 1.5 months to end. "

proc funny_moments( )
    puts " 24 hours before each EHD paper, none of batchmates aware of actual course :D "
    puts " During endsem SPI (SPA) course exam, I actually noticed on question paper, the name of the course is System, policy and Analysis and not System, Policy and Implications :P"
   puts " Burning mid-night oils in lamps before exams "
   puts " Dirtiest room of the wing award ;) " + " PS: I just stay in my room 2 AM to 8 AM for sleeping, that too only weekdays :D "

proc experiences( )
     puts "Met some really sweet, nice, kind and loving people. Some, whom being in the same college, had interacted hardly 2-3 times in first 2 years and in just next half a year have been too special for me. I shouldn't say this, but got rid of some real f*cking fake people. There were few, who supported me in every action, every activity I did. Motivated me and made me laugh when I was nervous, taught me entire course last day before exam also due to a long break ( atthai() ) and some envy fake friends, whom asking a single 2 minute doubt reacted - 'Kesha, I can't explain. I am too busy now studying !' Unveiled the mask of some friends. Hell with you ! I know you are fucking jealous of me that in-spite of studying day-and-night, more than me, and doing no great extra activities except studying, you couldn't beat me even once in last 4 semesters. You know what, I just give you two words in reply to your attitude towards me " THANK YOU ". You have taught me to live my life, my way, walking on my own path, the path I would draw. Putting the first leg out of my comfort zone was difficult, but yes the second step was damn easy. Gave me a completely new confidence, new identity, new strength. I completely owe you guys a lot for this. Interacted with many juniors also. Few have hell lot smart brains than I expected from first year- second year, completely enthusiastic kids. Long way to go guys. I am happy that I could support you, help you and teach you. Thanks programming club for this. Thanks IAS, IEEE Student Branch DA-IICT for inviting me as speaker to share my internship experience and motivate many souls. "
    puts " With each passing day since second year, I look forward and have become more open to life and learnings. I expect that this college-life never ends. I have so much in the world to learn, to experience and to feel that entire life would be short and this realization was made by DA-IICT. I love you DA-IICT. I am sure, one year after this, when I graduate, I will be a completely different person than what I had entered 3 years back. "

proc atthai( )
    puts " You might not have guessed from the function name .. Its a religious festival in Jainism, where people devote 8 days in a year, in the name of Almighty and keep various kinds of fasts as per their capabilities. I never knew, how many days can I survive without having a bit of food and just boiled water drinkable 12 hrs a day, so  I decided to take up this challenge - "Atthai". I call this a challenge and not a path to achieve moksha, THE DESTINY. I don't think not eating for a couple a days, someone is opening the path of heaven keeping the path of belly closed. This might hurt the sentiments of few people, but these are completely my views..I wanna write more about this, but maybe in some later post or else this would grow quite large. "

proc begin( )
   global semester #6;
   start( );