17 March, 2015

Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

I am too late for this post, but its better to be late than never. :D

Dr. Anita Borg was not only an accomplished computer scientist who developed cutting edge systems, she was also passionate about dismantling barriers that keep women and minorities from entering this field of work. She founded the Institute for Women and Technology, began an online community for technical women called Systers, and co-founded the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. We’re proud to keep her memory alive through the scholarship program.

21st July 2014, one of the most memorable day of my life, when I received a mail stating "Congratulations!  We are super excited to let you know that you've been selected as a scholarship recipient of the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship - Asia Pacific for 2014. " along with an invitation to the Scholars’ Retreat on September 16th to 19th, 2014 at the Google Tokyo Office. 

 I was one of the 23 girls from the Asia Pacific region (including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore) and among 7 girls from India to be selected for this distinction.

This scholarship is awarded to "the women in computer science who have strong academic and research background. In addition to the leadership qualities, they possess to inspire and encourage other women in the domain of computer science."

The retreat at Tokyo, an awesome experience. An opportunity unparalleled so far as networking and up-gradation of skills are concerned. It was a unique platform studded with interactions with people with different languages, different cultures and different research background. 

The summit included various talks on latest topics pertaining computer science, motivation for women in computer science, leadership skills so and so forth. Some speakers who were highly experienced with functioning of startups threw open new horizons on my career.

There were some fun-loving collective efforts and brainstorming group activities for strategy building and planning.

The coolest thing was "The Robo War" where we were randomly divided into teams and were asked how to prepare sumo robots by building up the physical model along with coding part in just 3 hrs.

We also had a chance to have an office tour at Google office, which is located at Roopongi Hills, the posh area of Tokyo.

After serious deliberations through out the summit, my evenings used to be fun filled, whether sailing on the cruise, or enjoying the parties or roaming around the city with Japanese scholars or personifying with the local Japanese life.

In a nutshell, it was an excellent experience and invaluable exposure. Google attaches highest significance to women, their diversity and leadership skills. Now, in Japan I witnessed the practical application of these values, as I saw Google aiming at presenting every scholar to be a role model to their community to inspire other women. 

I returned home with my kitty filled up with unique experience, rich knowledge and firm determination to put in untiring efforts for development of women in my homeland, the Google and Anita Borg way !

16 March, 2015

Basic Technology Training for Women

Under Anita Borg Pass It On Program, a workshop is being organized for considering necessity of women to learn computers and internet by creating awareness regarding the power of these technologies to make life easy.

Venue: Computer lab, IET-AU
Date : 22nd march 2015
Time : 1-5 PM

So here are the minimal topics to be known to a woman to use a computer proficiently in her daily life, which are as follows:

1. Basic computer parts recognition
2. Offline Applications
3. Internet and Online Applications / Smartphones  usage.

International Women's day

Women TechMakers Gandhinagar is an IT community, which encourages Women Power to the IT world, More and more women in IT.

As a part of this initiative, We are conducting an event in honor of International Women' Day, 2015 

Here are some event details :

Date: 21st March.
Venue : DAIICT (Dhirubhai Ambani Institute), Gandhinagar.

All important information are given in this doc, Click Here
Goal of the event :

In honor of International Women’s Day, Women Techmakers Gandhinagar is teaming up with Global Engagement and Philanthropy to celebrate the impact of women leaders, showcase achievements and highlight opportunities to inspire change in technologies around the world.
From innovative speakers, robust service projects and mentoring opportunities for our next generation of young women leaders, we are supporting the advancement of women in IT industries.

I would be delivering talks on Talks on Anita Borg Scholarship and Women in Open source.

Please do share regarding this event within IT students and IT developers.

Women in Open Source - Red Hat

Red Hat as a company has been an advocate for women in technology and open source and wants to recognize women doing great things around the world. In a bid to recognise this , it has instituted the Women In Open Source Awards .

The 2015 award finalists are chosen for their remarkable contribution to open source, the academic awards being open to women who contribute to open source while enrolled in college or university. These award finalists are some of the best and brightest in the industry and has been chosen carefully by a elite jury from over 100 such nominations received worldwide.

I take great  pride in mentioning that I am one of the 5 finalists from over the world. 

For detail about  the award you can visit : http://www.redhat.com/en/about/blog/vote-winners-first-women-open-source-awards

The final selection for the winner is through public voting. Voting closed on 6th March 2015 and winners shall be announced in the Red Hat Summit to be held in June this year at Boston, USA.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Morgan Stanley internship


I can't believe it has been about 3 months I haven't had written a single blog ! It seems I am behaving as the busiest person in the world. I missed blogging.

I have joined the firm Morgan Stanley and interning there since January 2015. Its a 6-month project, which I am supposed to complete as a part of B.Tech training project. I am working on a project called fPod with Client Servicing department under Investment Management.

fPod is Client Services Application which get feeds from various different Transfer Agents & Fund Accountants on daily and monthly basis for different Fund Families. This application caters to the most important International Fund Families for the Investment Management Division like SICAV(INVF) - Europe, ITM - Japan, OEIC - UK, etc. We are also in plans to incorporate the biggest US Fund Family into fPod as a future initiative for next year.

I am not diving into the technical details of the project, but the project is based on the problem to move away from FTP to CXF Services using marshalling and unmarshilling of data and maintain cache on services instead of file System.This was challenging as performance also needed to be taken into consideration. The existing FTP system took 10 seconds to download and parse files, which is now reduced to less 2 seconds. :) A performance enhancement of 500% and at the same time, moving away from FTP which had security concern is the biggest achievement. The code will going through code review for next 2 days and then QA followed by UAT and production. I am so happy that I would be able to see my work merging into the mainstream and go live before my internship completes and will be serving all our fPod clients with a better experience. :)

I had a tough time relocating to a different state (Mumbai), finding accommodation, understanding the problem, business cycle, learning the technology stack and delivering my best. Infact, you would be surprised that for one full month I was surviving on a poor internet connection, a mere-shitty-mobile data pack! On top of that, my mobile malfunctioned and I was using not-at-all-smartphone for a fortnight with no internet connectivity at new apartment. Phew ! Now, almost everything is settled, I am settled and have kind-of adapted to this new life !

I wish to write more about Mumbai, my experience meeting people, travelling in local trains, finding accommodation, food, roaming around the city, etc. Stay tuned for a post on it. Right now, its the Anita Borg experience, which is on my mind. I have been delaying it since September, but I guess next round of the scholarship is to be announced soon, Girls aspiring for this scholarship, you need not wait long :D